Equation Wizard Help. Entering expressions

An expression is a correct sequence of numbers (whole or fractional), variables of one type, signs of arithmetical operations and brackets. If an expression contains an equal sign, it is an equation. The program finds roots (both real and imaginary*) for equations, while expressions get simplified. If an expression has no variable, Equation Wizard calculates its numerical value.

Available arithmetical operations

Operation How to enter View How it is used What it looks like
Plus + + x+3
Minus - - x-3
Multiplication * x*3
Division / or : ÷ x/3
Factorial ! ! 5!
Square $ 2 x$
Cube & 3 x&
Raise to power ^ or ^()
Ctrl+2 ... Ctrl+9
^ or ^() 5^7 or x^(4+3) or
Square root # #100
Cube root &# or 3# 3 &#125 or 3#125
Extract root # or ()#
Alt+2 ... Alt+9
√ or ()√ 7#100 or (4+3)#100 or

To quickly enter an arithmetical sign, you can use buttons on the toolbar above the input field.

Note: If you select part of an expression and enter an arithmetical sign, the arithmetical operation will be applied to the entire selected expression.

The Bracket operations can be applied only to a selected expression.

* Imaginary roots are not studied at a secondary school. If an equation has only imaginary roots, you can say that the equation has no roots.

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Entering expressions

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